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News for March 2017
Mountain Rides is seeking an outstanding candidate to lead our Operations department. Check out the employment page for more information.

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Charters:  Have an event that requires specialized, group transportation?

Mountain Rides can provide private charter transportation for your group or special event, subject to certain rules and regulations of the Federal Transit Administration.

Charter transportation needs to be requested at least 14 days in advance of your event, preferably 30 days in advance.

Our current charter rates for 2016 are:
Small Bus/Van (20 passengers or less)
Not For Profit Hourly Rate:  $65
Regular Hourly Rate: $80
Wait time: $40

Transit Bus (21 passengers or more)
Not For Profit Hourly Rate:   $90
Regular Hourly Rate:   $110
Wait time:  $55

  • Time starts when bus pulls out of shop and time stops when bus is back to the shop
  • One Hour Minimum required on all services (each time bus goes out), with time billed in 30 minute increments, rounded up, after the first hour of active service
  • Only Mountain Rides drivers are allowed to drive Mountain Rides vehicles
  • Driver wait/hold time is billed in 30 minute increments, rounded up
  • Mountain Rides reserves the right to charge an additional $20 per hour for charters occurring during peak times that require driver overtime - this will be quoted at time of charter request, based on staffing requirements
  • All charters must comply with FTA rules regarding charter operations, including notification of private charter companies - if a registered, private charter company is willing to provide the service, Mountain Rides will not provide the service

To request a charter,
please email your event details to or call 208-788-7433 x106