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News for March 2017
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Employer Services

Mountain Rides offers a full range of transportation services for employers to help their employees solve transportation challenges, save money, and move smarter! And it helps employers better recruit and retain employees.

What can Mountain Rides do for individual businesses?
  • Educate employees on transportation alternatives and impacts
  • Motivate employees to use alternative modes — incentives and fun, challenge events
  • Provide transportation consulting to businesses about commuter benefit options
    • Employers and Employees can save on taxes by supporting commuter benefits (see table)
  • Create transportation programs that match the needs of a business
    • Intercompany ridematch, route development, bike share

Summary of Commuter Tax Benefits

What can an individual business do to support alternative transportation for employees?
  • Flexible schedules, compressed work week (St. Luke’s, City of Hailey, Rocky Mountain Hardware, Idaho Independent Bank)
  • Buy bus passes for employees (Sun Valley Co., St. Luke’s, Atkinsons’, Webb, Sturtos, Perch, YMCA, US Forest Service, and lots more)
  • Buy vanpool service for employees (Webb, Power Engineers, St. Luke’s, Sun Valley Co.)
    • In some cases, this means helping get a new route established with new equipment (Webb Landscape)
    • Doesn’t have to be full amount
  • Payroll Deduction (Rocky Mountain Hardware, Sawtooth Plumbing, High Country Fusion)
  • Distribute info to employees and encourage alternative transportation
    • Priority parking, incentives, events (St. Luke’s, Scott, Marketron, Power Engineers, Smith)
    • Company vehicles, tool storage (Webb)
Why do it?
  • Good for the community and the environment
  • Builds economic vitality
  • Help retain and recruit employees

Mountain Rides is available to visit your company today to give a seminar on any of the transportation solutions we offer and the benefits to your business. Give us a call and let’s design a program that will help your employees! 788-RIDE (7433)